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Иже во свв.отца нашего Амбросия,еп медиоламскаго (4). Св. мч. Анфинодора. Прп. отца нашего Павла подвижника. Прп. отца нашего Иоанна постника. Прп. отца нашего Антония сийскаго, новаго чудотворца (Бд). Прп. Нила столбенецкаго, чудотворца.

Sf. Ierarh Ambrozie, episcopul Mediolanului. Sfântul Mucenic Atinodor. Cuviosul Pavel râvnitorul. Cuv. părinte Ioan postnicul. Cuv. Antonie cel nou, făcătorul de minuni (1556). Cuv. Nil.
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The monastery of nuns "Vovidenia"





The Monastery history begins into the early XVII th century, when a few monks came onto the place (where the village Slava Rusa is today), and started building a small and secluded convent with dark, woodden cells.

         Yet, at that time, they did not have a praying place, so they had to deforest an area and break up a piece of land, on which they built a little church.

         The abbot set off for Russia, and upon his return, he brought along the Icon of the Holly Mother of Christ of Kazan, whence the name of the first parish day.

         Not long after, on this very land came Old Rite believers (Lippovans), who settled around the precincts of the village Slava Rusa. Hence forward, the monks went to live in the woods, where they built themselves another church, wooden still, on the very place where Uspenia Monastery is nowadays.

         Later, a Rusian rich widow visited the deserted by now hermitage. Upon her return from Moscow, together with her maid and a few nuns, they settled a nunnery, built new cells and started a broad new life.

         Following the floods from 1850, the cells were destroyed. Yet the church resisted. This event renewed their faith in God and the nuns set off for Moscow seeking help once again. The help came, once again, and the dwellers built the cells on a higher place this time, where the monastery is to this day. Later on they built a greater church, but with the same parish day - Vovidenia.

         At present there are two churches – a bigger one, with the parish day  on 21 November/4 December - Vovidenia,

bis. vovidenia

and  a smaller one (used in time of winter) with the parish day on  8 July/21 July- The Holy Icon of Kazan.

bis. kazani

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