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Sf. Ierarh Ambrozie, episcopul Mediolanului. Sfântul Mucenic Atinodor. Cuviosul Pavel râvnitorul. Cuv. părinte Ioan postnicul. Cuv. Antonie cel nou, făcătorul de minuni (1556). Cuv. Nil.
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His Holiness Bishop Arkady (1810 - 1868)

Episcop Arkadii 2

His Holiness Bishop Arkady  (Andrey Rodionovich Saposhnikov) was the second Bishop of Slava, Tulcea county, Romania.

            He was born in 1810, in the region Tchernigov, Russia. The year 1826 found him novice at the monastery Lavrentiev, in Starodubie, where he took the monahic vows, under the name Arkady, and in 1832, he became abbot of the monastery. In 1839, when the authorities destroyed the monastery, hermit Arkady moved to Slava Rusa, Tulcea County. The first Bishop of Slava, Arkady I, named him, in 1854, Bishop of “all the wandering/fugitive Christians”, and he was often named “the exarch of the nekrasovsks”. After the arrest of Arkady I, in 1854, Arkady II became Bishop of Slava.

            He died on 11th November 1868 and was buried at the monastery Uspenia, Slava Rusa.

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