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His Holiness Bishop Leonyd (1921 – 2002)

Episcop Leonid

The tenth Bishop of Slava saw the daylight on 21st June 1921, in the same village that many years after that would receive him as its first ruler. He became Bishop in 1981, at the age of 60. He lived in the monastery since his early childhood. Because of his undoubted faith, he entered the monastery as help, but still living a monk’s life. During the World War II, he served in the army, but as soon as the war ended, he returned in the monastery. In 1951, on the celebration day of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, he became reader/singer at the monastery, which is the first step in becoming priest. Two years later, in 1953, he was ordained deacon, then protodeacon, until the death of His Holiness Bishop of Slava Ambrosy, in 1981.

            In 1981, at the request of the Holy Synod, he became priest, and after some time, the same year, he took the vows as a Bishop, in the presence of Kiprian, Bishop of Moldavia, and of a great number of church servants and believers, who had come from all the corners of the country.

            From 1981 to 2000, for 20 years, he has ordained priests, participated at the ordaining of two Metropolitan Bishops (His Holiness Timon, and His Holiness Leonty), three Bishops (His Holiness Joseph, His Holiness Sofrony and His Holiness Afanasy), ordained two archimandrites, ten deacons, and a series of priests.

            His noble heart made him get close to the people who visited him, he helped them in many ways, received all those who came at him in trouble and taught them how to help others in their turn.

            He was the first Bishop of the monastery, who began the strenuous work of archiving the data of the monastery, of all the events, organized a photo gallery of all the old rite bishops, metropolitan bishops that ever lived on the Romanian territory.

            On March 1990, together with Metropolitan Bishop Timon, ordained  Justin as Archbishop for America, Australia and Canada (who died later in 1996).

            During his rule of the monastery Uspenia, there took the monahic vows the Old Rite Metropolitan Bishop His Holiness  Leonty and His Holiness Archbishop Flavian. Also a lot of monks and nuns took the vows and entered into monastery, both at Uspenia and Vvedenie monasteries, but also at the monasteries in Manolea – St. Nicholas ( monk monastery) and Mother of God from Tihvinsk (nunnery).

            He died on 30th January 2002 at the Uspenia Monastery. His burial day was but a reflexion of his whole life: a sea of people came, tears in their eyes, to say good-bye to the one who, all his life loved them unconditionally, helped them, taught them.

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