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ПРЕПОЛОВЕНИЕ ПЯТЬДЕСЯТНИЦЫ (СЛ). Иже во святых о. нашего Епифания, архиепископа кипрскаго (4). Иже во свв. о. н. Германа, патриарха Константинограда (4).
Înjumătățirea Praznicului Cincizecimii. Sfântul Epifanie, arhiepiscopul Ciprului. Sfântul Gherman, patriarhul Constantinopolului.
На Лит. Ап. Деян. 34, Ев. Ин. 26.
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His Holiness Arkady I (1809 - 1889)

Arhiepiscop Arkadii 1

In the hard days of old rite Christian chase, His Holiness Arkady(Dorofeev) was the first Archbishop of Slava, ordained in 1848, by the first Metropolitan Ambrosy of White Well.        He was born in 1909 in Kunicinoe – Republic of Moldova, and at only 15, he crossed the border into Iassy, Romania. Then he decided to live at the old rite monk monastery in Manolea , Suceava county, Romania. There he served as novice for two years, the he left for the monastery Starodubie (Russia), where, in 1829 he took the monahic vows. He came back at the monastery from Manolea in 1930, where he stayed until 1834, when he moved to the monastery Uspenia, Slava Rusa, Romania. In the years that followed, he took two journeys to Constantinople. In 1854, 24th April, he was arrested by the Russian Military Commandment, of the General Ushakov’s orders( the Bishop of Tulcea – Alimpy  was also arrested) and sent to Kiev for three months, for another three at Moscow, then at the Suzdal fortress, where he stayed behind bars for 27 years, until 1881.

            He died on 18 November 1889, and was buried at Rogojkoe graveyard, in Moscow, Russia.

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