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Св. и всехвальнаго ап. Андрея первозваннаго (Пл). Иже во свв.отца нашего Фрументия, архиеп. индийскаго.

Sfântul, slăvitul Apostol Andrei, cel întâi chemat. Sf. Frumenţiu, episcopul Indiei
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His Holiness Metropolitan Bishop Siluyan (?- 1941)

mitr. siluan

The seventh Old Rite Metropolitan Bishop of White Well (Stephan Kravtzov) was for a period of time parish priest in Kishinev (Republic of Moldavia). On 28th July 1935 he was anointed Bishop of Izmail (Ukraine nowadays), and on 26th June 1939 - Metropolitan Bishop of White Well. He thus ran the Metropolitan chair for a short while, due to his difficult illness.

            In June 1940, the White Well was passed over to the Russian Union, as a part of Northern Bucovine. In June 1939, a decision was taken at the monk monastery of Russian Slava, Tulcea county, that the Metropolitan Bishopry to be established at Braila, but still keeping the full title: Old Rite Metropolitan Bishopry of White Well. There also moved the now sickened Metropolitan Bishop Siluyan, who died later, on 5th January 1941.

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