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Cвятаго мученика Феодота, и с ним свв. мцц. дев: Текусы, Иулий, Александры и проч. (4). Свв. мч. Петра и проч. (4).
Sf. mc. Teodot din Ancira. Sfântul mucenic Petru.
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His Holiness Metropolitan Bishop Makary (1848 - 1921)

mitr. macarii

The fourth Metropolitan bishop began his spiritual path as a parish priest in Iassy (Romania), then he was ordained Bishop of Tulcea on 4th July 1900 (in Melnikov – “Short History of the Old Rite Church”, Barnaul,1999 -  the date appears as 4th June 1900). On 10th September 1906 he was ordained  Metropolitan Bishop of White Well by Archbishop John of Moscow and Bishops Arseny of Urals, Leonty of Slava and Inokenty of Nijegorodosk.

            On one occasion, upon his visit to Moscow, he was proposed to become Moscow’s Metropolitan Bishop, but he declined the offer. He has been Metropolitan Bishop of White Well for 14 years, 3 months and 3 weeks.

            He died in January 1921, at the age of 73and was buried at White Well.

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