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His Holiness Metropolitan Bishop Joasaph (1891 - 1985)

Episcop Ioasaf

The tenth Metropolitan Bishop (Ivan Timofey) was born on 21st August 1891. In 1958 he was anointed Bishop of Slava, and he lived for two years at Uspenia monk Monastery, after which he was ordained into the sacrament of Archbishop of Braila and Tulcea, and immediately after that, into that of Metropolitan Bishop of White Well. At the ceremony there were present Bishops Ambrosy of Slava, and Kiprian of Moldavia. His Holiness Joasaph ordained quite a number of deacons and priests.

            He died on 16th February 1985 and was buried in the churchyard of the Old Rite Metopolitan Cathedral of Braila.

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