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Св. и всехвальнаго ап. Андрея первозваннаго (Пл). Иже во свв.отца нашего Фрументия, архиеп. индийскаго.

Sfântul, slăvitul Apostol Andrei, cel întâi chemat. Sf. Frumenţiu, episcopul Indiei
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His Bishop Holiness Metropolitan Ambrosy(1791 - 1863)

mitr. ambrosii

His Holiness Bishop Ambrosy ( Andrei Popovich ) is the first Orthodox Old Rite – White Well Metropolitan Bishop.

            Bishop Ambrosy, who was of a Greek origin, was born in 1791. On October 28, 1846, he converted to Old Rite Orthodoxy, event which took place at the White Well ( in Ukraine nowadays) at the monk monastery.

            At the request of Russian Tsar, Nikolai I, Bishop Ambrosy took the orders , on 26th  July 1848, only to leave for Cilly (Slovenia nowadays) afterwards, where he lived for 15 years in solitude. Meanwhile, the monk monastery of White Well was closed for a period. To his exile, the Bishop anointed 2 Bishops – they were Cyril from Mainos, and Arkady I of Slava, ordained 5 priests, and 3 deacons.  

            He died on 30th October 1863, and was buried in Trieste, Italy. His earthly remains were brought and lodged on 3rd July 2000, at the Metropolitan Church “The Protection of the Mother of God” in Braila, Romania.

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